What To Expect When Selling A Home

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Initial Meeting / Financing Pre-Approval

Once you decide to list your property for sale, we will meet with you in your home to discuss how we will represent you in selling your home and to get detailed information about the property. We will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that will be presented to you and fully explained. This will be in a separate meeting where we will discuss pricing and a specific marketing strategy to get your home sold quickly - and for the most value.


Photography / Listing in MLS

We will make an appointment that is convenient for you to come take photographs or have professional photographs taken of your home. Floor plans and virtual tours may be offered as well.

Once photos are completed, we will upload the photos and detailed information of your home into MLS (Multiple Listing Service.) If applicable, floor plans, the virtual tour, and any other documents can be added as well.

Let the Marketing Begin

Once your home has been posted in MLS, we will implement a strategic marketing plan for your home. This could include, but is not limited to; Installation of a For Sale yard sign, holding an Open House, print advertising, and extensive online advertising.

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Accepting an Offer

We will present all offers received to you in a timely manner, as time is of the essence. We will advise you and guide you through any questions you may have in regards to an offer.

When you decide to accept an offer, the Buyer may elect to have a Home Inspection of your home. Generally, the Home Inspection is completed within ten (10) days of your written acceptance. The Buyer may also need to have an appraisal of the property done by their Lender.

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Purchase & Sale Agreement

As the Seller, it is recommended that you have an attorney draft a Purchase & Sale Agreement. Once the Purchase & Sale Agreement is finalized, the Buyers will sign the Agreement first followed by you, the Seller. They will also provide the remainder of the deposit at this time. Note: After the Purchase & Sale Agreement has been fully executed, the Buyer has 18-24 business days to receive a Financing Commitment from their Lender.

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Seller’s Checklist for Closing

Prior to the day of closing, or the day of the closing, we will schedule and accompany you on the final walk-through of your new home. The final walk-through is necessary to ensure that the property is empty of all of the Seller,s belongings, and to confirm that any items that were to remain have been left. At the closing, you will sign your final terms and legal docuemnts. You will receive the keys to the property!